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        What is a pseudo-static?

        2012-07-17 14:48:39 Website Name Read
             Pseudo-static is relatively true static in terms of the real static generates an html or htm file with the extension, visitors can gain access to the real static pages, while the pseudo-static generating entity static page file, but simply is. Htmlclass form of static pages, but in fact dynamic scripting with PHP program to deal with, this is a pseudo-static.
        The advantages and disadvantages of static pages:
            True static is usually better to ease the pressure on the server, and to enhance the search engine-friendly surface, so the page to generate static pages. But the biggest drawback is each background in site modify webpage content and need to re-generate static pages can not be updated in real time, long the site content, the size of the space occupied by each generating static pages consuming server resources can not be underestimated (too much content and a one-time to generate static pages and cause the server to Ben collapse of the case).
        What is the role of pseudo-static?
            Some friends in order to real-time display of some information, or would like to solve some problems using dynamic script static display site content, but the loss of the friendly side of the search engines, how to find between the two a middle way? This creates a pseudo-static technology.
        The pseudo-static anything less?
            Pseudo-static is a regular judge the need to jump to the page instead of the real page address, to distinguish in the end to show which page is the responsibility of the specified transfer directly from the server CPU to determine the CPU share of the rise is indeed a pseudo-static maximum ills.
        MetInfo recommendations:
        1. Corporate Web site can generally open a pseudo-static, corporate site visits are generally small, pseudo-static influence on the CPU is also smaller, if the access to large can also upgrade the server to resolve.
        2. Space access speed to choose, and proposes a real static, such as foreign space and domestic space access should be faster, basically you can choose to open the pseudo-static.
        3. Pseudo-static and real static select a URL format, frequent replacement makes the search engine touched North site on-line, one should stick to it.
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