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        How to give full play to MetInfo the SEO features

        2012-07-17 14:44:04 Website Name Read
             MetInfo enterprise website management system to improve the SEO function is known, but many of the establishment of the station's friend has ignored the true value of the site, did not consider the promotion of website optimization, so that the site is just a decoration, the use of MetInfo establishment of the station needs from the following aspects to set the site's SEO features.
        A, SEO parameter settings
        1. Site Title Keywords: This is the core of the entire site SEO, search engines will take this as an important basis for ranking your site, keyword selection should take full account of the customer's search habits, their products and services, as well as competitors in the Baidu Index in the analysis of hot and cold of the key words can refer; first set up your keywords, it is best not to change in order to avoid the ranking fluctuations and website down the right.
        2. Site Keywords: to search engines to distinguish between the page to be ranked to provide a reference does not mean that you set here keywords can routed to the search results which go.
        3. Site Description: Site Description is generally displayed in the search engine results pages (home page) description of the part, mainly for site general introduction to the viewer, to attract visitors to click.
        4. Head optimize text: If the template support is generally recommended to use the HTML strong tag bold website keywords to enhance the effect of optimization, of course, can also use the site sales and marketing information.
        5. Picture default ALT hyperlinks default Title, Link Site Name: general core keywords can fill out the station.
        6. Website optimization at the bottom of text: If the template support is generally recommended to use the HTML strong tag in bold website keywords to enhance the effect of optimization.
        B, static pages
        1. Is generally recommended that a static page to open the station, which is more conducive to search engines;
        2. Any one static page types can be selected according to their preferences;
        3. The content page name and list the name of the page recommend the use of the folder name forms, especially the English website;
        4. Add a part, as far as possible in accordance with section attribute settings file folder name, such as Frequently Asked Questions Make FAQ.
        C, Top tagged
        Tagged main function is to increase within the chain, it is recommended that the site keywords set to popular label
        D, the keywords and a brief description of the content of the page
        Is recommended to add the site content as much as possible to add the keywords and a brief description of each content and columns, in order to better search engine included
        E, Links
        As far as possible to fight for each other peer-related sites Links
             Only of course, site optimization to promote not only the above settings can be completed, the site system is a foundation, users should regularly add website content to the Internet a lot to promote the site, so as to make the site traffic increases, while improving the key words in search engine rankings.
        More problems related to website SEO optimization, Welcome to the official post to explore: http://bbs.metinfo.cn/forum-20-1.html
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