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        • Number1
        • WorkplaceHunan Province Changsha High-tech Development Zone
        • Deal4000
        • Release Date2013-12-27
        • ValidityNo limit


        1, accounting related major, college degree or above;
        2, more than 5 years work experience, 3 years working experience in the same position, accounting property company working experience is preferred;
        3, serious and meticulous, dedication, hard work, have good occupation ethics;
        4, the thought is agile, strong ability to accept, can the independent thinking, be good at summing up experience;
        5, skilled application of financial and Office office software, have actual operator priority of Kingdee, UFIDA financial system;
        6, has the good communication ability;
        7, have intermediate accountant certificate, at the same time in Changsha have house property or the guarantor is preferred.
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